On Monday I started to do some practical work to get back into the swing of actually making. Although my experiments were not extremely relevant to my practice, I aimed to try out some new techniques.

Sketching has always been something I do not want to lose as a skill so I feel it necessary to do some rough sketches now and again to practice my hand and to represent an object on paper. For these drawing I copied some flower designs.


Following this I decided to paint watercolour onto fabric to see what effect I could produce. From here I cut the fabric into strips and wove it together. I love the produced work and I wonder how it would look on a larger scale. My only issue here would be time, it took an hour to paint and dry the fabric and that was a small square, on a much larger scale this could be constraining. I wonder how screen print would quicken this process but my worry would be could it produce the same washed out effect.


Finally looking into Lino cutting, I aimed to create a modern lino design. I took inspiration from the shipping containers I had looked into and from these cut a sturdy block style cut. I would eventually like to print this onto fabric seeing how it would look on a design.



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