This week I also drew inspiration from the artist couple I have been exploring: Peles Empire. Using their design concept of bringing one room into another, I created a design for a space that could bring the outside in.

Using a photo that I had taken from a harbour I distorted and warped it just as Peles Empire have done in several of their pieces.


For my William Morris project I learnt how to put wallpapers into room settings on Photoshop. Reusing this knowledge I put my background into the room that I have selected, then I cut out a cushion to make the piece come more together.

_MG_8511 wallpaper

From this point I wanted to create something that could also go within my setting. After using a vase for my previous experimentation I decided to go with this as my initial form. After placing a series of triangles upon it I coloured it appropriate shadowed areas.


Using layers on Photoshop I then started to cut out my vase triangles replacing them with the background warped image I had previously created. This aimed to show a more mirrored effect.


These experiments have been successful for what I want to achieve in terms of creating an interior of some kind. I can permit me to visualise my creations before I actually decide to make them. The idea of having a background within a space is something that I want to explore. Alongside this creating products to live in the space. Peles Empire has been a source of inspiration in terms of technique and installation and I feel a lot of these can be transferred within my practice.


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