I started off working on the section by watching an interview between Michael Bracewell and Marc Camille Chaimowicz. This interview was very thought provoking and we got to see Chaimowicz talking about his work first hand. Although it did not talk about any of the pieces in the section I am now discussing, it enabled me to make an analysis of the work  in the last sections and therefore help me lead up to talking about Decorative and Fine Arts.

The first piece I discuss in my study on Decorative and Fine Arts is Here and There. Here and There has links to both the fine arts and decorative arts and also the theme of women. According to my first source, an article by Raven Row, the piece is made up of several covered panels that show on each a set of photos of a certain room. These panels act as anonymous art objects as well as furniture. According to Raven Row, this constant switch between decorative and fine art and shifts us, as a viewers, understanding of the space in which we experience the work. Raven Row goes onto describe this as an oscillation “between the aesthetic, the domestic and the dramatic.” I have defined this as Chaimowicz’s way to make the viewer choose for themselves whether they define this as fine art or decorative arts. He also comments on the way he actually displays the work changes the overall message completely, again making another angle for the viewer to explore in his work.

In this piece of work, Chaimowicz, according to N.Brown who wrote the article Marc Camille Chaimowicz, talks about one of the photographs with Chaimowicz applying makeup which he links back to Idolised Motherhood. From out my exploration of Chaimowicz and his work I have spoken about this as Chaimowicz challenging gender social norms which is a theme constantly recurring in his work. Alongside this Chaimowicz echoes the work of Cocteau and Proust in his work which again links back to the concept of expatriation, another strong theme throughout all of his work.

My next piece that Chaimowicz looks at the bond and differences between fine and decorative art is Bibliothèque. Bell describes in his co authored book of the exhibition, The New Decor, Chaimowicz aims within his pieces to fuse sculpture and furniture. This is the first indication that gives away that this piece straddles both fine and decorative art. The “Art Deco” style that Chaimowicz uses to construct Bibliothèque is clear in the use of the curves inverted comma legs. Books placed on the bookshelf are placed with an aim of acting as dialogue between reader and viewer. Bibliothèque is a piece that could foremost be looked upon as a piece of furniture, however a clear emphasis is put on the fact that is also sculpture. It has to be consider a fusion and not just one aspect.

From discovering both pieces of art I have gone on to describe in my own words why I do not consider Chaimowicz purely a fine or decorative artist. Maybe like Bibliothèque he is a fusion of both. It is hard to decipher how he actually looks at his work within this thematic as he has never commented or written anything to do with this theme in any publications around his work.

The third section of my essay is key for starting to explore the greater theme of the crossover between fine art and decorative arts in the art world today. Chaimowicz fuses both and therefore could be considered as a pioneer of this concept. Although in this section it was difficult to find information directly about this theme due to lack of publication on both the pieces and ideology behind it, I feel it was one of the more key points to explore.

Images for Section Three 


Here and There

Marc Camille Chaimowicz


Source: http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com/2011/10/marc-camille-chaimowicz-at-md-72/02_md72_09_11_chaimowicz_ok_a4/

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 14.56.31


Marc Camille Chaimowicz


Source: http://www.andrewkreps.com/artist/marc-camille-chaimowicz/works#10

Bibliography For Section Three

Nottingham Contemporary (2011) Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Michael Bracewell walk through the Jean Genet exhibition. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lTytQgzV8k

Bracewell and Chaimowicz walk around Chaimowicz’s exhibition Jean Genet at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. He talks though briefly several of the pieces on display enabling me to highlight other themes he considers in his work alongside those I have already found. He speaks about Jean Cocteau as one of his main works and the exhibition features Props and Wardrobes Room despite the fact he does not discuss it.


This is a collection of texts discussing different art pieces by different artists, one of these being Here and There by Marc Camille Chaimowicz. It discusses not only the overall themes that are conveyed within the piece but also the inspiration that Chaimowicz took on board when creating the work.

Bell K, Foster H, Kuo M, Lange C, Sherwin S, Botfield A, Lauson C, Luckett H, Parry R, Rugoff R (2010) The New Décor : Hayward Publishing, London

A book centred around the exhibition The New Decor held in The Hayward Gallery, London. This book gave an insightful overview into the work of Chaimowicz and also focussed on his piece Bibliothèque.



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