I created my research book as part of my FMP work. Its aim is to summarise all of what we have researched in order to arrive at our final outcome. I have taken time to look at my book from last year and decipher what I could have made better. My main concern was that last year I sent it away to be printed and all of my bleeds and borders were off. It was for this reason that this year I decided to bind it.

My overall layout would be simple, each image would get one page or a double page spread as I feel the visual is just as crucial as the writing, then on the opposite page of the single layouts would be paragraphs taken from the blog which I have adapted and shorted for them to be easily read by the reader.

I created my research book on Indesign as I felt this was the most suitable platform and the one I am most comfortable in. After completing a “first draft” of my book. I printed off a PDF of my work in order to figure out any gaps and anything that did not match up.

Below are some sample pages of my draft

IMG_9115 IMG_9116  IMG_9117 IMG_9118IMG_9119

IMG_9125 IMG_9126

After completing the correction of the draft, I realised I needed to add a page that would summarise the intent of my final piece. Alongside this I noticed that my bleed lines where the spine would be were a little too small, it was for this reason I decided to increase them.


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