Present and Promote was a positive unit for me. I enjoyed doing a formal presentation as part of the marking as I felt it made me more confident to talk about and discuss my work. Alongside this creating promotional material for myself has been challenging but rewarding. I have definitely put my all into this unit as I have seen how well it complements my practice. I especially enjoyed making my business card as I felt it was a really good way to transmit my information for people who are interested in my practice. I would have liked some more help with what exactly we needed to submit because at some points I found it quite confusing, however in this respect I felt I have had a lot of support from tutors.

The classes we participated in for this unit have been very helpful, in particular we did a class with the PVA students where we looked at candidates who could potentially come and talk to us as part of the artists talks. It was great to have the opportunity to look at other artists applying for the talks and what items they submitted. It was also good to see the range of art and presentation throughout.

Although I throughly enjoyed doing this unit, the only criticism I have is the fact we have to apply to competition. I did think this was a really good idea in order to get our artwork into the world but I had a hard time trying to find competitions that were legitimate. I was very wary of giving my money to competitions I had not heard of or looked unprofessional. It was this reason I ended up applying for more expensive competitions which became a bit frustrating. It would be good to have more guidance from tutors on applying to competitions so that we do not fall into any traps and know what would be positive competitions to apply for.

Overall an exciting and helpful unit, especially for our transition out of university.


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