After having mounted both the sides of wallpaper and the back wall, I wanted to make the transition between all the elements really solid so the space actually looked like an interior. After doing some initial sketches about how I felt I could bring my space together I selected to buy some fabric in order to fill the prominent gaps within my work.

IMG_9169 IMG_9170

However before I started covering the floor I needed to finish the coats of paint that make up my floor element. As previously stated in an earlier post, I have chosen a floor colour similar to that which is in my illusion image. This aims to help continuous liaisons between floor and wall. Alongside this the floor colour has also been used for the skirting in order to bring the wallpaper and floor elements together and where the hardboard was showing when the imagery stopped. Even though the floor has had several coats of paint, it was still looking a little patchy, I needed two more coats of paint before the floor looked a solid colour. Although I was aiming to go for a wood style flooring, I feel the laminate elements that this colour provide to the floor works well with the surrounding wallpaper and imagery. I did envision that the wood of the old flooring would come through to create a coloured wood effect, however this was not the case. However I am happy with the overall outcome and how it contributes to my work as a whole.

The next section of bringing my piece together was buying and mounting the fabric where I could see gap issues. These were primarily issues by the door and also where the back wall and side wall hardboard did not join. Previously having sourced fabric in Luton, I went to the Market in the Mall. Here I was faced with a choice of picking a white fabric, a more yellow tinted fabric and a blue grey fabric. I immediately discounted the yellow tinted fabric on the premise it look more bedsheet rather than luxury. I was unsure what to choose between the white and blue grey. The white would work but would it be too white considering I had started to use an eggshell colour within my piece ( this will be elaborated on in my next post) and especially with the more dull tones of the background the white could risk looking too bright and therefore out of place. Due to these conclusions I selected the blue grey fabric having noticed some of these tonal ranges in my wallpaper.

After getting back from uni, I sought the advice of Ryan who had previously hemmed fabric in his final piece. He told me about Hemming bond which you could iron to the fabric in order to hem it. This was ideal for my needs, I had to hem quickly and efficiently and without a sewing machine I thought this was impossible. After having hemmed all my fabric, I took it to the container and with some help from Bhoomi, I hung each individual piece up, aiming to make it as draped as possible to continue with the luxury theme. I stuck the pieces of fabric up with Gorilla tape finding out command strips alone were not enough.

I am pleased with the outcome of the fabric. At the beginning I was really unsure about its overall look and atmosphere within the container, however going back the next day I knew I had made the right choice. If I ever repeat this project, I think I would find some wooden poles to hang it on to achieve a more curtain feel as well as draping.This would make it look more like an interior setting.

My last job of creating the interior setting in order a cohesive design would take place was to create a piece of furniture. After looking around second hand shops and thinking about sourcing a table at a shop such as Ikea, I decided to make one with the leftover cork board that I had previously designated for the background. I painted this an eggshell colour to go with a bright light colour but not a white. I did not want it to be too overpowering! I had considered making legs for the table, however I saw that whilst the degree show was being constructed there were frame supports being used for tables. The show being called Frame. I felt in order to stay with the contingency in the show, I would use one of these supports as my table legs. This worked really well and I felt my table was prominent within the space which was one of my initial aims.



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