This unit was the biggest unit of the year and a lot of emphasis was put on its success and development. It was an opportunity to explore the subject we wanted to explore within our art. What took me by surprise the most is where I thought my work would go it did not go at all and I really appreciated this aspect of the unit.

The unit itself was very well constructed and we got constant feedback throughout the year, this was a great help as I feel I used the feedback I got to go further in my practice and to gain confidence throughout.  I enjoyed how varied and how many different directions the Final Major Project takes you in, I found it took me on an exciting journey that lead to an equally exciting outcome.

The timetable worked efficiently and we were emailed constantly with any changes to the timetable or any extra classes and workshops. However any changes would be previously discussed with tutor and class. The contact has constantly been there with the tutors and they were only ever an email away.

In my opinion I feel this unit aided with my confidence as an artist, especially trying new things and building on my existing skills. I can say I have developed as a practicing artist and am passionate by showing my latest artwork to the general public.

I received a lot of support throughout the year from peers, tutors and staff who without I would not have been able to achieve my outcome so I am very grateful for all their help.


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