A critical analysis of the work of Marc Camille Chaimowicz A.Eaton

Although I overcame some struggles whilst writing this essay I found the research element very stimulating. The essay was a hard one to write as I have never done a critical analysis before so I was pushed out my comfort zone and in at the deep end. However I feel on this level I have succeeded in writing something coherent and interesting for the reader that I can be happy with. I personally do not feel this is my strongest essay from the last three years of University as the time scale was a lot shorter and my brain was constantly active trying to balance the essay work alongside final major project work. For this reason it was difficult keeping one apart from the other and working hard on both of them. This is think was my biggest personal challenge.

However the research I have done on artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz has enabled me to discover new topics and themes and be very proficient talking about one artist. I have learnt a lot about the art world and also curation  and have started to really look into the broad question of “What is Art?”. Without this essay I do not feel my work during my final major project would have been as strong nor would I have had a compelling research methodology.

If I had to redo this essay again I would definitely put more emphasis on the critical analysis and improve my level of writing in order to write a more competent essay. However saying this I am very proud of what I have achieved and how effective my research has come across in essay format.


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