First Draft

My first draft is a very basic outline of all the points I have looked at. It was primarily used for showing the base of my essay to Hannah so she could go through it and discuss the points I had previously explored with me. This was key to finding out what would and what would not be useful.



_MG_8700 _MG_8699 _MG_8703

Second Draft

My second draft was about three quarters of the way through my essay and it helped to check my grammar and also make sure I was sticking to my overall structure which I had set out for myself after. In this case I have moved some paragraphs around in order to help my text flow better. I highlighted also where I needed to add in more analysis.

_MG_8704 _MG_8705

_MG_8706_MG_8707 _MG_8708_MG_8709



Final Draft

This was my final essay draft and it was the one that I went through and looked at before it was going to be handed in. In red I have checked through my references and verified spelling and grammar.


_MG_8716 _MG_8717






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