The next stage of working in the container was putting my wallpaper up on the walls. I decided to do this with spray glue feeling this would be my most viable option.

With the help of Bhoomi, a graphics student, we drew a line through the middle of our boards, this will act as a placement for where we want to place the middle prints.

We then thought about first blue tacking the pieces to get them in place before permanently spray gluing them. This did not in fact work out as planned, due to the weight of the ink on the paper it had curved slightly at the edges and the pieces just fell of the wall. Making an executive decision about the mounting, I chose to start spray gluing so we could better line the pieces up.

The spray gluing was simple but we encountered several issues, mainly due to the curving. The spray glue although a strong brand of glue was not enough to stick some of the tricky corners. This set us back a fair amount. It was for this reason we mounted 8 and chose to stop and work out an alternative method.

We resolved by buying some strong PVA glue and gluing run the edges with a paintbrush. This was tricky but enabled us to stick down some pertinent sides. However on the end of day 1 I felt a bit downhearted.

Thanks to some feedback from students, Arthur and Graham, tomorrow I will use wallpaper paste to try and mount my work more successfully.

13230864_1722621068016071_376195965_o 13230919_1722621051349406_730141767_o

My next port of call was to use wallpaper paste to stick the images flatter to the wall.

Wallpaper paste was an extremely successful way of placing my images onto the wall. With Bhoomi’s help we managed to wallpaper the whole of the larger pieces on one wall. Leaving this to dry overnight I came in in the morning to do the tops and the bottoms.


After having completed this I looked at the other wall and realised I was really disappointed with it. The paper had crinkled up where I had used spray glue and a lot of the wall was just misaligned. I made the decision to rip the whole of the first wall I had done and start again. I had learnt a lot about the technique of wallpapering and it actually did not take me as long as I had first thought to do the wall.

After wallpapering over both walls fully, I have chosen to do a skirting on both the top and the bottom of each wall to make the walls neater and make the floor flow through to the wall.



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