My next port of call was to mount the illusion wall on the back wall of the container.

Having had a really successful time using the wallpaper paste, I experimented with some paste on the corner of the image to make sure there would be no seepage or damage on the front image. This was not the case so I proceeded to continue pasting onto the wall.

Although some of the images did not align exactly, I feel the back wall looks really strong. With the parts that don’t completely match up I will aim to paint them in so there is more of a continuity through the wall. As I was planning to paint several sections of this mural piece I think I can disguise some of the blemishes. This I will do at a later date.

Although the alignment issues could be seen as a distraction, it is clear to me that the back wall does make the container look deeper than it actually is, creating the “illusion” factor that I wanted it too. Unless the viewer actually goes very far into the piece, it is not until you get very close that it is possible to notice this. I really want my piece to be perfect however there is some things that I have not foreseen and now have to try and adapt with these surprises.

Here an  image of the back wall.currently looks within my setting.



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