Consumerism is the main theme which I am aiming to project within the container. I wanted to add in subtle hints about consumerism and also the use within a container setting.

The first idea I had was to put frames on the wall. These would be displayed in a “family photo” style and would be on the wall opposite the table. I wanted to add to the frames images that lead back to the idea of consumerism but in a way that was not so visible. The first idea I had was to create some imagery with different well known logos.

The first design I played with was the well known Mcdonalds logo. I wanted to manipulate the logo into a pattern however still using the fact it was such a recognisable logo. It was for this reason I played with layers and filters to create this designs which reminds me somewhat of a checked table cloth.


My next design was something equally as recognisable, the coca cola logo. Again I wanted to create a repeat pattern. I started off by looking at vintage posters from Coca Cola as a lot of these are in circulation today. However I decided to go with a repeat pattern making reference to Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans.


The next logo I looked at adapting is Apple. I made two designs for this logo after not being 100% happy with my first design I aimed to try something a little more disguised and less obvious. It also reminded me a little of Orla Kiely’s pattern work. The three tone colour are a common feature of all my work as I do not want to make the images too bold as to distract from the interior setting.


The last logo I adapted was Chanel. I love the bold black lines within this design and how it contrasts well with the previous work I have done in colour. I feel this logo is the most disguised out of all of the logos I have worked with, making the viewer have to work harder if they are able to decipher the message behind the images.


I wanted to contrast some of the logos with some work done by famous artists again mixing this concept of the consumerist lifestyle, especially where art collections are involved, this is also a component of the luxury lifestyle I am aiming to encompass.

I chose “I Shop Therefore I Am” by Barbara Kruger. This piece is a play on words of I Think Therefore I Am, a philosophical saying by Rene Descartes. It is a criticism of the consumerist society of the time, I know this is as not as well known image concerning consumerism such as Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, therefore I felt it would be ideal in the container.

Babara Kruger

A link I have made thoughtout my work is that with Escapism, being somewhat the contrast of the consumerist society. Again bringing into play the concept of famous artworks being in luxury homes, I have taken two art pieces by two well known artists that for me encompass the theme of Escapism. The first is a surrealist piece by Rene Magritte, The Human Condition and the second, although being my ideal escapism and the piece of work that first sparked my interest in art, a piece which I feel plays on serenity and tranquility, The Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet.

Frame Magritte  Water-Lilies-and-Japanese-Bridge-(1897-1899)-Monet

Finally to top off the framed images is a piece I have done this year which is a painted photograph encompassing Escapism and perspective. The photo is of a restaurant in Paris and I feel having a piece purely of my own content is a good way to finish off this series of images.


Originally I had planned to have frames of a lot more grandeur to enhance my luxury concept. However due to the previous issues I had with the back wall holding the cork board I decided to go against the idea and find some photo mounts that would be more appropriate.


The next challenge was to dress the table. I wanted to make the container like a foyer where people would be welcomed into the home therefore furniture would be minimal but strong. For this reason I had created a table which I previously discussed in Making The Elements In The Container Cohesive, that sits on the right hand wall of the container and protrudes slightly into the room. It does not fill up the room as to not distract from the background. On the table I wanted to put some objects that linked to consumerism but also some that linked to my luxury theme. It was for this reason that the first element of my table is a vase with some Pot Pourri. The Pot Pourri will hopefully aim to add a sensory element to my piece. This will complement the visual inside. Next to my vase there will be four sardine tins, these tins aim to show conformity and the cramped of the consumerist lifestyle. How everyone is the same and wants the same things, alongside this is aims to show how people are flocking to city areas and being cramped in one small space. It is also a criticism of the current housing crisis. This theme is also shown through the candles that have been burning previously to show that someone has run out of electricity or there is a power shortage.


The last element in my container is the boxes in the corner. The boxes act as a pertinent transition between container and interior. The curtain is drapes over the boxes and reveals the container underneath. The boxes aim to represent the importation and exportation of goods and in this case food. Each box is branded with a food type, exportation location and date of expiration. This aims to show how far this food has travelled before reaching us in order to satisfy our worldwide tastes and products. I painted the boxes quite bold colours that match with the interior in order to create a more artistic graphic style concept.












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