After finally managing to gain access to an empty container, the first port of call was to clean it out and hunt down anything that would stop me from completing my work. I started off my cleaning the floor which was extremely dusty from having been used for storage, I damped it down with a cloth and then when it had dried I used the dustpan to get the excess dust.

Having not foreseen the speed in which I would be able to get into the container that week I was surprised that I was done cleaning as quickly as I was and long before Wednesday when I had organised for some help to line the container. This actually provided me with time to paint the floor of the container the colour I had selected. This colour matched the floor of the background that I am planning to mount on the back wall.

I had envisioned that this would be more than one coat so it was a positive thing that I was able to start early and get the first coat down. This also enabled me to see the colour on the floor and the effect it would have.


On the Tuesday I was unable to put down another coat due to the weather.

Wednesday came around quickly and this is where with the help of two photography students I was able to mount  the boards to the side of my container. We used the day to cut down the hardboard to the size of the container: there were 8 pieces in total. This involved measuring 232cm (the height of the container) and then cutting with a Stanley knife. This process took quite a long time and I was entrusted to do several of these on my own which was quite physically challenging.

Due to the nature of the container walls, it was suggested by Graham that I mounted wooden batons where the boards would fall on the walls and put some pins in to keep the joints straight and neat. We cut these wooden batons to 232cm and stuck them to the wall with metal mounting glue. In order that they would stick and be efficient we left them 12 hours to dry.

Coming back the next morning I was nervous to see what had happened in the container. Had the batons stuck? Would they be on the floor when I arrived? It was safe to say I was very nervous. Fortunately none of these problems actually occurred. The outcome was positive and the batons had stuck to the walls.

From here the job was relatively simple. We would add glue to the container wall and stick the hardboard pinning when necessary to the wooden batons. This came with little to no issues as the board adhered to the wall with ease using the glue and the pinning was simple to do. It actually gave a smoother line between the boards than I had previously envisioned.


Once all of the hardboard sides were mounted. I was suggested to use filler between some of the boards to obtain a stronger cohesion. The sections where the boards were slightly uneven were filled and then I sanded them down to obtain the desired effect.

Due to the transportation of the boards and their thickness I had brought some cork board that acted as a support. I did not want to waste this board so I had envisioned using it for the back board. We repeated the previous method gluing the baton, waiting and then gluing the wall. However on sticking this board it ripped the baton away from the wall due to its weight. This was somewhat of a setback as I had not foreseen that this would be the case. I was quite downhearted about this and took the initiative of deciding the best way to go forward would be to use another piece hardboard for the back wall as we were confident of its success. Although I was upset that it had failed, I knew at that point I could not dwell on that fact as it would never get done.

The end of the Friday saw us mount another baton and prepare the wall for Monday when we would mount the cut hardboard. I also finished by adding  another coat to the floor and obtaining the knowledge another coat may be needed.

Here is a picture of the Container in its current progression.



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