For the degree show, I have created and brought business cards. I decided to have them printed at Moo as they have a good reputation for making clean cut cards. As there was a sale on, I took the opportunity to go with something a little more expensive.

I looked at some business cards from some degree shows I have previously been too. These below are two of my favourites. I appreciate the simplicity of them and also the thought put into them showing key pieces. Something that highlights them as an artist. The font is also very reflective of their style and in the bottom one a logo has been incorporated.


I knew I wanted my wallpaper design for my final piece to be the front of the business cards. It was key that people remembered my work so I felt if they had a card with my wallpaper design on it that they could link it to the piece. I went through several designs of this piece before finding one I was happy with.


By adding similar colour tones below, I felt this card was a lot more successful than the previous, I had added my Instagram and a new more professional email address. It was only after ordering and receiving these cards that I realised I had forgotten to re-add my website. I felt down about having not added this to my cards and maybe if I have time and money I can redo a few of them. Although I was upset, I felt I just had to accept my mistake and move on hoping that people could contact me with what I had provided them.


For the front of the cards, the design would be raised. This meant it would stand out of the card enhancing the design.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 14.40.12

Alongside the wallpaper design, I also chose to add in another piece of work I got positive feedback on during the year. I thought this would help to show some of my capabilities as a designer. Having two designs would also give people an option to pick.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 14.40.16

Here are my final business cards.

IMG_9019 IMG_9021


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