For the front cover of my Research book, I have decided to create my own personal front cover which I will Laser Cut.

I have previously seen some images in which laser cut images have been used within book deign and I find it really interesting and exciting. I love how delicate it can be and also how bold. This is why I was so keen to have something laser cut within my book in order to help it stand out and also be very unique. I feel this is a quality that will come with hand binding.





This is my first design of what I am thinking will look coherent with my theme. The idea is that it ressembles Shipping Containers stacked on top of each other. This will link to my overall main project whilst providing something slightly different as a cover for the viewer.


When I went down to use the Laser Cutter, Joe helped me manipulate and change my design so I would be able to have the desired effect and not lose any of the paper which is what would have happened with my previous work. Below is the finished design ready to be cut. Red is the colour that must be used when cutting as black will only provide an engraving.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.52.12

I needed to select a robust paper for the front cover so I selected to use watercolour paper being of high GSM and textured. This would also enable me to paint it if I wished.

Here are the final laser cut images. I have left one in white and experimented painting over the other in green watercolour tones.


Although the painted effect provides and interesting base, I do not think it looks as clean cut as I would like it to be. It looks slightly scrappy and not well done, therefore I am going to use the white design and consider mounting it on black paper or green paper in order to add some colour to it.


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