According to the Free Dictionary Perspective is a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.On the back wall of my container, this is what I aim to achieve.

I aim to use perspective so that the container can go on as if it is an interior space which is bigger than what we expect. Therefore I need to understand how perspective can be achieved.

I know I want to use a one point persepctive where the ceiing and the floor will be show/ interneded. I also need to have two walls and an entrance so that the transition between container and background is smooth.



During my time in Amsterdam I managed to take a couple of interior pictures that could be suitable for the back of  the container.

_MG_8804 IMG_8744

These two angles would be suitable due to the way they create perspective after an “entrance”. I need this perspective to help my container work and have an interior setting with an onward concept. I decided to choose the white background as my main picture and selected another of the same image which was more zoomed in. This would ensure I would not lose any quality in the image.

I started off with this image. This image would work for me as the pillars would act as a entrance into another room. If I continued the room and had no doorway or pillars it would be harder to match up the perspective. The fact both the background and container have a wooden floor work in my favour as the continued floor will make it seem more realistic.


From here I cut out the section that I did not want. My aim is to replace it with another image.


After experimenting with several images I have chosen an exterior image with a pathway and sea view. I felt this was quite an idealistic view of what somebody would envisage having as they walk out their door.


I attempted to mirror the background in case it would work better as a design. This was not the case as the room seemed more closed off and the light source was not as correct.


From here I experimented with several door concepts to see if adding a door would make it feel more like an interior.

The first I tried creating the door myself. Then using french style doors added in.

Backgrounddoor Backgroundforcontainer

I am planning to start the process of getting my image printed soon however I am still unsure which door layout I am going to use. This will need some proper feedback before I continue working with this design. I am really happy with the design in its current forms as I feel it will match well in the container setting and look how I want it too.

Although this medium is a solid part of my practice, I aim to show another dimension to my work using the manual and manual manipulation to take away from the consumerist digitalisation and use of technology of today.






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