This week I have taken the opportunity to do the screen printing for my wallpaper. In order to create a background and foreground I have printed onto acetate, a rectangle of the appropriate size and my pattern in the same size. This will permit me to have two layers.

I started by exposing my two acetates onto the screen.


I had chosen two shades of blue, one more sky blue and one a more grey blue. I knew the sky blue would be my background colour so I started with this.

Over the course of four days I managed to print 77 blue rectangles so I had the right amount for the container and have spare ones. However I encountered several problems along the way which made it challenging for me to actually get into a rhythm. Firstly there was a dent in every screen I tried to print on making it hard to get started, this lead me to cleaning the screen several times which is extremely time consuming. However I got past this by using a separate squeegee to smooth down the screen after having printed. The second was how I was going to achieve a large scale print that was even on all sides. This meant having to use the arm which I had never done before. It is a very repetitive system which I found difficult to apply even pressure. However I managed to overcome this by sponging blue ink onto the prints which had not come out as even in order to achieve a more solid print. Finally it was difficult to line all the prints up enabling a identical print each time. This in the end did not matter as I knew I could trim the work afterwards.

Overall I carried out 72 prints which I was very pleased with. Although it took me several tries I feel I have accomplished something that will be present in my final piece. This has made me believe that I am capable to completing all my work within the time period. I am extremely pleased with how my work went and I hope it will continue to go as successfully in the future.

12957350_1707261362885375_1956137320_n 12986859_1707209946223850_1006679081_o WP_20160408_001 WP_20160408_002 WP_20160408_005


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