Having taken an interest into Chaimowicz and his expatriation and love of French culture I decided to look at the Nottingham Contemporary exhibition where Chaimowicz displayed his work around Jean Genet. I gathered the information surrounding the exhibition from a video where Michael Bracewell interviews Chaimowicz whilst they walk around the exhibtion.

In order to link expatriation with sexuality I took a piece of work from the Jean Genet exhibition called Props and Wardrobes room and explored the piece. The piece is a room that plays on the theme of the public and the private alongside this, it discusses the theme of expatriation by talking about a French play The Maids by Jean Genet whilst discussing the theme of sexuality through the female sexual identity within the play. This is highlighted in my first source by N.Brown.

Through the source Interpreting The Maids through a shifting societal sense by The New York Times, I found this source interesting as it put The Maids into a context of today especially touching on the theme of sexuality and how that relates to the theatre. It aimed to highlight how roles in theatre have been changed and interpreted and how males and females can play the roles of the opposite sex. The source also discusses how women of the period are trapped in a socially oppressive mirror.

This drew to my attention the similarities between Genet writes as an outsider and how Chaimowicz wants the piece to be viewed from the outside as the only way to see into the piece is by the small laser cut windows.

WP_20160112_009 copy WP_20160112_011

The piece I looked at following on from Props and Wardrobes Room is Celebration? Realife. During my research of this piece I was lucky to be able to get my hands on Celebration?Realife by Tom Holert which discusses this piece in detail. I was fortunate in finding this book as it has been extremely hard to get my hands on copies of any books that Chaimowicz has written or been published in.

From here I was clearly able to understand a lot more of the meaning behind Chaimowicz’s piece alongside looking again at the article Marc Camille Chaimowicz by N.Brown. Between these two source it was easy to see how Chaimowicz’s piece related to the themes of Sexuality and Public and Private. Alongside this we can see Chaimowicz’s strong relationship with music highlighted in the article by N.Brown. The pieces of music played by the installation were Chaimowicz’s personal favourites, however they had elements of a sexual nature highlighting again one of the main themes. Furthermore we can understand that Chaimowicz aimed for this to be more of a performative piece than an installation. In the book by T.Holert he states the audience can walk around the piece but are unable to touch it. He imagines them above it comparing the piece to landing on an airplane near a city. The effect the audience would have would be seductive and alluring as they are led through this piece of work where all the senses are brought into play.

Images for Section Two 


Props and Wardrobe Room

Marc Camille Chaimowicz


Source : http://thoughtsfromthefloor.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/art-work-of-week.html

artiste : Marc Camille Chaimovicz Titre de l'oeuvre (vue partielle) : Celebration ? Reallif Revisited 1972 - 2000 - 2008, installation multimédia, matériaux divers et éphémères. Collection Frac Bourgogne, Dijon.

Celebration? Realife

Marc Camille Chaimowicz


Source: http://www.paris-art.com/exposition-design/Some-Ways-by-which-to-Live…./Chaimowicz- Marc%20Camille/6159.html

Bibliography for Section Two 

Brown N, Bles M., ‘Marc Camille Chaimowicz’ Art Review Issue 52 2011

This source is an invaluable one which discusses Marc Camille Chaimowicz in his personal life and as an artist. It examines many of his pieces that I have included in my essay with a short description and comprehension by N.Brown.

WP_20160318_004 WP_20160318_006

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/03/theater/interpreting-the-maids-through-a-shifting-societal- lens.html

This source helped me to understand how strongly The Maids has been interpreted through time and in different social contexts. This has aided me in making links with gender and sexuality with Chaimowicz’s work and therefore aided my critical comprehension of the pieces.

Holert T (2007) Celebration? Realife : Afterall Books, London

This book looks into many different views and understandings of the piece Celebration? Realife. It takes on board both comments by Chaimowicz himself alongside critical interpretations of the piece.




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