On Friday I went to source the wood to line the inside of my container. I had originally though I would use MDF which would provide a thin covering which would permit me to create flat walls as opposed to the correlated walls inside.

My first point of call was B&Q. Looking at the MDF I had selected on the internet it did not look up to scratch with what I had envisioned. I then with some help looked at hardboard which seemed me appropriate with what I wanted. Bearing in mind that I needed to transport and fix the wood to the wall and also that I would probably chuck the wood away after the exhibition. However in B&Q the hardboard looks fairly warped and if I was going to spend money on wood I wanted it to be good quality.

Having decided what wood I wanted, the search continued at Wickes where I found less warped hardboard at a much more reasonable price. I brought 6 of these and also a stronger cork board so that I could supported it on the car and consider using it for the back wall. With the help of two photography students I managed to get the wood back to the University and put it in the container ready for when I get back after Amsterdam to fit it into place.



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