On Wednesday 9th March, we had the second part of our bookbinding workshop. In the last part of the first workshop, we covered the front and back covers of our book with book paper. This involved having two hard boards, one that was cut into a strip and the rest of the board, this would be our “spine”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 14.52.22

From this we cut the book paper just bigger than the board and cut the corners into triangles. This would permit us to glue the paper to the covers. When we had glued them down we could put coloured paper of our choice to hide the glued book paper.

The second workshop focused on the binding of the books after the covers had been placed to dry.

We put paper in between the two covers and inserted holds down the middle of the spine. This went all the way through both covers and all of the pages.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 14.59.06

We then did the Japanese Stab Bind technique to bind the pages together.


This is what my book looked like when it was finished.

WP_20160318_001 WP_20160318_003

I really appreciate having learnt how to bookbind again as I am more persuaded to create my research book using this technique. I counted the pages in my book and I managed to bind 52 in total. This would be a good amount to have in my book and I was able to bind it fairly easily. I feel I could add in even more if I needed to.





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