What am I planning to do this week?

This week I aim to source wood/MDF for my container and aim to understand further the constraints under which I am working. Following on from this I know I need to have caught up entirely with my blog going into the Easter Holidays and continue working on my artwork.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 13.28.29

What I actually did this week

On Monday I worked on a pattern design for the wallpaper going inside my container. I know this is very ahead of schedule but it has given me a boost to create the work going inside rather than focus to much on the technical side of the work. I also got to see inside the container on Monday so that enabled me to measure the side of wood I would need when I go to get it on Friday.

On Tuesday after our study session with Clement, I took the opportunity to work on my research book. I aim to book bind my research book this year so I worked out restrictions and sizing for this and started work on indesign.

On Wednesday I did what my weekly planner said and caught up to a point on my blog.

On Thursday I looked up Escapism and different Escapist ideas and artists.

On Friday I went to source the wood to line the inside of my container. This was a successful trip and I collected half the wood I needed.

On Friday night and Saturday I have caught up completely with my blog. This has put me in a good position going into the easter holidays.


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