I have decided to look into the use of other paper types in order to keep the same effect but keep the cost down of my overall piece. Joe helped me select one of the papers that is available in the print room and I experimented applying acrylic paint to this paper to see if it could work.

image 2016-03-14 at 14.59.50 image 2016-03-14 at 15.00.01

As an overall comment I feel my experiments have been positive. It actually surprised me as the gloss was a shiny texture and with lighting shining upon it the small parts I would not cover in acrylic would show up and reflect the light. The paint drys a lot quicker on the matt paper in the gloss and it is harder to blend therefore it is necessary to work quickly. I experimented on several different colours and image textures either covering the whole image or just sections of it.

The first image I worked with was the lemon. The yellow is a very bright overlay colour therefore it was a lot easier to cover the image whilst still retaining some of the features underneath. It is for this reason that the image looks more realistic. I in this instance covered the whole image in paint to see how it would look. I feel that the paint on this image came out really well and it has given me a positive outlook on how the rest of the image may turn out.

I only painted a small section of the carrot but in a dense area so I could see the effect of how tonal I could work on the matt paper. This I felt was successful and it showed a broad tonal range that enhanced how the carrot looked. Next time I think I will layer the orange slightly less in order for the pattern underneath to seep through.

With the strawberry and rhubarb leaf I worked with greens. On the strawberry plant I mixed different tones of green in more patches rather than lines as seen in the carrot. The strawberry worked really well and I feel the tone of the leafs is a positive contrast with the unpainted strawberry. I wondered if this was a technique that would make my work more realistic so in the rhubarb leaf I only painted highlighted sections. This made the painting come even more to life, it contrasted the photograph with the painted parts and the image felt immediately more realistic whilst having the painting effect I want to obtain within my final piece.

Following on from this I have decided to use matt paper for my final piece as it limits the reflection that is a quality of the glossy paper and the tonal and layering effect I can distinguish on the matt paper I do not get on the gloss.


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