From my research and having looked into wallpapers last year throughout my William Morris based project I have started to look into how I will cover the walls of my container.  In order to look up how luxurious interiors are wallpapered or painted I did some research.

I noticed that the overall colour palette for these wallpapers is green, brown and beige and they contain floral or nature themed patterns. This is where I have got my inspiration in starting out making my designs.


Below I have started to design different outcomes to how I could create the wallpaper for the container.

image 2016-03-14 at 15.00.12

After thinking about how I was going to create the wallpaper I came up with several options. The first would be to screen print my idea onto fabric and use wadding and staples to put it on the MDF and eventually the wall. After thinking about this concept logically it would be hard to create a repeat pattern using screen printing on fabric as I have done previously especially taking into consideration I would be doing a foreground and a background. Then I have contemplated doing to prints onto paper and cutting them out and spray mounting them to the MDF before I fit the MDF in the container. After speaking to one of my peers he suggested it would be easier to fit the MDF and then mount due to the possibility of the work getting damaged. Taking this on board I have decided to fit my container and then mount my screen prints.

I have created several ideas for my wallpaper which I will discuss with my tutor and my peers before Screen printing them.

Idea 1

Idea 1 centres around a repeat floral design which I have noticed throughout my research. Even linking back to William Morris and his designs floral featured highly. Below I have produced a more modern floral design which links back to some of the shapes I used starting out on my project.

Here is the original sketch.

image 2016-03-14 at 15.00.20

Below I have created a mirror pattern of the sketch once it had been manipulated and traced using Illustrator. I have repeated it several colours to see what effect I would achieve.

pattern1 copy pattern2 pattern3 pattern4

This is what my pattern would look like as a repeated pattern.


This is what my pattern would look like situated in a room.


Although I appreciate this pattern design a lot and love how it appeals and draws in the viewer I feel it maybe is not exactly what I want to achieve. The floral design works as a design but a lot of my research shows more tiled patterns. I feel this is the look I should go for rather than a horizontal design. Saying this my work focuses on restriction and it is true that this design has many kinds of restriction within it. For this reason it could be suitible for what I want to achieve. I have to also take into consideration that my designs also look different when screen printed and that is something that I will not actually be able to visualise until it is done. Moving on from this design I aim to create and manipulate several more design which will help me to see exactly what I want from a wallpaper.

Idea 2

My next idea took a pattern from the nature which I photographed. This is the bark of the tree in my garden which I found really intriguing and thought it could be interesting when repeated and manipulated.


I then put this image into Illustrator and traced it in order to get a vectorised image I could work with.


From here I put the image into Photoshop, I started by colouring the image in two pale blue, grey colours because of my previous experience I know how difficult it is to colour after the image has been further manipulated.

I then rotated and flipped this image to make it into a pattern.

Treeimagecoloured Treerepeatpattern

Just I have done with my previous experiment I have then situated my wallpaper within two rooms to see the effect I would get.

Treerepeatroom Treewallpaperroom

I do think this design is currently the one that I think will work best in my container. I like the complexity of the design and also the colour palette I have chosen. The way it is a two tonal colour pattern enables it to stay on the wall and not stand out to much as to distract from the back wall. Putting any kind of furniture in front of it hopefully will not make it too distracting yet add to the luxurious theme. I feel the circular patterns will also enable me to put in a circular mirror.

Idea 3 

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 09.52.23

My third idea centred around a rose sketch which I had done looking at my inspirational wallpapers. I added in some other plant forms to make it a stronger images. I scanned this sketch and then put it into Illustrator and traced it.

Imagetracerosesketch roseinblacktraced

From here I could manipulate the pattern in Photoshop turning it and colouring it to get what I wanted.

This was my first experiment in order to see how the pattern would look repeated and then placed onto the wall. Even though I appreciate the delicate rose feel I think what is stopping me choosing this as my wallpaper is how it lies in lines. Up close it looks joined and well put together, the roses link and flow in a more diagonal style. However when it is put as a wallpaper it looks too regimental and not symmetrical enough for what I want.

Rosepattern bluerosewallpaper Rosebluewallpapper


Rosepalecolours Roomlargerrosepattern Rosebiggersingle

Following this I decided to do the pattern again using a more simple design not doubling up the rose.


Although this one is more appealing as a design, I do not like the diagonal line that goes through all of the roses. This design incorporates a more symmetrical element however it still feels to me like it goes in stripes which is not the look I want to go for.

Other ideas 

I have made some other designs using photography that I started to work on but did not continue on for several reasons.

RoseRepeatPattern Floral Pattern Design

These two patterns incorporated the photography element highly and in several different shades and tones. Even though I like the outcomes I did not feel these could be used as wallpapers due to the many colours involved and manipulated during a screen print reproduction. It would only be able to be used printed and I did not like them enough over my previous experiments to what to continue this.

The next pattern I worked on was taken from a photograph of branches on trees. I experimented somewhat with this image but slowly realised the pattern was too dense and would not come across as two tone on the wallpaper. It does however remind me of Damien Hirst’s work using butterflies and the symmetrical element would work well in a more complex design.

branchesBranchespatternrepeat  Wallpaperplaced design



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