This week we had a workshop on how to photograph out work for our portfolios. This took place in the newly renovated photography studio with Nicolo, the photography technician.

Nicolo started by talking us though the basics of the camera. This involved learning the roll of different parts of the camera.

Aperture = how much light passes through the lens, wide open lets in a lot of light and is displayed as F2.8 on the camera, a little light would be F22

Depth of Field = Wider the aperture, smaller the depth of field so the space in focus will be small.

Shutter Speed = Slower the shutter speed the more light, is measured in fractions of a second.

ISO  = Light sensitivity, 100 is the lowest sensitivity and 6400 is the highest. The higher the ISO the finer the grain and therefore more noise.

Light Meter = Tells us how much light is needed once the sensitivity is set

White Balance = What kind of light, how much white light is in the image.

AF= Auto Focus

MF = Manual Focus

Nicolo has told us to save our images in both RAW and JPEG in order that the photo will adapt to all our needs. We should always set our camera to RGB because it has a better colour palette range. After sorting out the basics of the camera, we started to look up the set up of the backdrop. We selected a black backdrop to complement Penny’s plant pot which is the object we were photographing. We then set up the camera on the tripod and all of the features we were told to focus on. The camera could then be linked to the computer which would automatically show and save the photos into a folder making them easier to work on afterwards. Nicolo also taught us how to set up and program the light boxes to work best with our project. The process of trial and error was a long one but it was worth it to get the best photos possible.

These are some of the photos that were taken in the session.

still lives 2-046 still lives 2-047

I really appreciated having this session with Nicolo, it has refreshed my knowledge of the camera and the studio which is great coming up to portfolio submission. It has inspired a group of us to book the studio and help each other out to take high quality photos of our work!


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