Following on from my plan for the week I am currently sourcing materials to go in my container. To support all the wall coverings and the essential back wall I am planning to use MDF. This I will source from local hardware store B&Q, I know it is possible to saw and cut MDF to certain requirements so this makes it suitable for the project I am aiming to undertake.


I have also been around the fabric shop in Luton in order to source the fabric for my wooden panel walls. I saw a lot of fabric in a variety of colours however I feel that buying a heavy white fabric and then dying and printing on it may work better for what I am aiming to achieve. I am also contemplating putting wadding behind the fabric to add a more realistic 3D aspect to the walls.

I managed to measure the container to get the exact dimensions of the space I would be working with. The front panel measures 242cm in width and 243 cm in length, and longways the container measures 660cm.

From obtaining these measurements I can now go on to working out the quantity of materials I need to complete the interior of my container.



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