At this current point in my FMP work I am starting the construction and planning behind my final piece. I have managed to confirm I can use the Shipping Container in the university car park to host my final piece and at this point I am planning both the contextual background and the creation of my work. 

I am currently working on the back piece in my container. This will be the big illusion that will create another dimension within the room and I am hoping to complete this using a photograph spilt up into several A2 pieces and then join it back together to create a bigger piece. This photograph will then be painted on top to give it another dimension however it is currently unclear if I will working in colour or black and white. This is being explored in my recent experimentation pieces and hopefully with the guidance of Clement and Colin I will come to a conclusion of what works best.

Alongside this I am still continuing a research aspect within my work looking at different artists that I can identify with in the ideas and thought processes they put across in their own work.  So far I am still keeping in mind my starting point artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz and his work with domestic space, parallel to this I am making references to the work of Richard Woods and Lee Broom, both of whose work has been inspiring for me. I always appreciate the work of William Morris and his ideology within his work and I feel leading up to the creation of my final piece he will be extremely resourceful.

Additionally I have been working on the design for my research book which will accompany my final piece in order to explain my thought process and ideas. At the moment I am planning to bookbind my book using the skills I have learnt in my bookbinding workshop. Once I have worked out what size I want my book to be I can actually start the creation of my book. I want to do some additional work and research and book layouts to see what would be effective. I have also started looking into the design of my portfolio. I know I will create this in my A3 portfolio case however it is a matter of choosing my strongest pieces. In conjunction with this I need to make note of the photos that need to be taken in the studio.

Overall I am continuing strongly in my FMP work and ideas. Now having secured the Shipping Container I can visualise better my concepts and progress with my practical work.


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