This week I have been painting photographs in order to understand which colour palette could work well with the background I want to produce. I need to figure out which would have the most bold effect on a viewer and what looks the most realistic.

I started off with three photos. All the images contain a perspective, this is something I aim to incorporate in my final image so I can create the illusion that the container continues on and on. However in my final piece I want to aim for an interior setting rather than an exterior. However for my exercise these photos were sufficient for what I needed.

The first photos I picked uses lots of colour, the second is black and white with blue and peach tones to create depth and the third is a black and white photos. From these three colour palettes I will see which one works best with the effect I am trying to achieve.

_MG_2871colour _MG_1088_MG_2132

I printed my photos in A3 and in gloss. From past experience I know how well gloss works when being covered in Acrylic paint. From here I started painting them.

I commenced with the colour one as it is such a bright palette which I find extremely fun to work with. This took me two days to complete and I feel it is a great success. I had a lot of comments in the studio saying it looked like a painting which is the effect I wanted to achieve. I know I could improve on the reflection in the puddle however the window reflection was very successful. Next time I think I will use a smaller brush in order to enhance the finer details of the photos however I feel working on my larger scale will eliminate this issue as I will have more room to push the details.


The next image I started to work on is the one that has the peach and blue tones. Selecting what colours to use in my palette was a challenge for this piece, I saw a lot of the orange tones coming out in the work however the greyscale was more overpowering, without putting these orange highlights in the image would not work. This is where I feel I went wrong with this image, in the use of orange, The orange is definitely too strong in my painting taking over the image completely making it look aged and rusty. This is not the effect I had aimed to go for. It is for this reason I decided not to continue straight away with this piece and put it to the side whilst I reflected on realistically wether this would be a strong choice for something that would be on my final major project final piece.


WP_20160304_002 WP_20160304_003 WP_20160304_001

Continuing my work with painting photographs I started to paint my black and white image. Although the colour of the image worked really well, the detail of the piece was too difficult to work into and I ended up getting very frustrated with the work as I could not create the image as I wanted to.


I know this will not be an issue when the image is printed out in a large scale.

From doing this experimentation I have concluded that I will print and paint my image in colour as I feel that is what will work best for me as an artist in both terms of technique and construction.




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