This week I had my last tutorial with Hannah before she went of maternity leave. This was invaluable to get last minute feedback for the project. We talked about using the container as a space and how I could also bring the container into a space inside by photographing it. I spoke to her about my interest bringing painted photographs back into my practice using them as a backdrop to create an effect. Hannah said I could aim to create an illusion effect playing on the idea of escapism, especially as it a contemporary issue of today. She suggested looking at Ann Hardy and Richard Wright as exciting artists who could inform my practice and also watch The Big Lebowski. I spoke to her about potentially exploring black and white within my practice and she suggested doing this but using a tint to create more depth in my work.


During my tutorial I showed her the visual below where I have been creating a illusion taken from a photograph by Michel Klein who I found in the book Paris Interiors by Lisa Lovatt Smith. I also showed her my backup plan in case my container idea did not work. This involved the creation of a wooden structure which could be mounted within a space inside.

_MG_8686 _MG_8685

Alongside this I showed her a model I had created based on the form of a container so that I could place my ideas within it and decided what would look good on each wall.

WP_20160304_004 WP_20160304_005 WP_20160304_006


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