On Monday the 29th February we had our first tutorial with Clement who will be our new tutor alongside Colin. Clement started off by letting each person talk about their project up to date, I explained my idea and my shipping container concept which was very well received. I also showed and broke down this visual to help express my ideas.


I then got feedback from my peers and Clement. Fransiska wondered how people would interact or if they could interact within my space and I told her it would be a decision in  progress but my aim would be to have an interaction between viewer and space. Clement spoke about how transformation and restriction would be key themes in my work and the depth of the container would create restriction also. Illusion is also good to study along with perspective in order to grasp how I would create the piece. The idea of having painted photographs was also well received.

Clement expressed how he would like to see a lot of progress going into the next week.



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