My tutorial with Angus I had straight after my tutorial with Hannah. I knew Angus would be able to give me another opinion on my work and what I was looking into so it was great to have an opportunity to have a tutorial with him.

I started off by explaining to Angus my ideas and thought process coming out of my tutorial with Hannah. He suggested to me to explore the social and economical context of shipping containers though a BBC documentary that centred around their construction and purpose. From here he explained the work of two artists that created backdrops in many different ways. The first is Roy Voss who uses vinyl and sign paint and then Brian Gryfith who works on canvas. He then made a reference to the black space box at the Tate in which visitors would enter and then lose themselves in the darkness.

Angus’ tutorial was helpful in terms of understanding what other work was out there and how I could wider the context of my work. It was good to get this thoughts on a 3D piece as I know he works in the 3D realm. I would definitely like to have another tutorial with him when my practice and project is more evolved.



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