This week we got an opportunity to have a refresher workshop with Rose for Bookbinding. Having had thoughts about actually making my research book this would be great to try out some ideas and find out some examples of what I could create.

We started off the session looking at what books were available and how we could adapt them for ourselves, this involved looking also at books on books. I was especially taken by 500 handmade books and plan to get it from the library. Next we reminded ourselves of the tools that were used to make books and also bookbinding materials providers and how specialised they are. Rose also ran through the GSM of different papers.

We started off the practical side by creating our own small pamphlet books. Rose showed us firstly how to colour copy different parts of books in order to create an overlapping photocopy which can be interesting in a portfolio to show a range of sketches. When we got back to the table we created a pamphlet map which demonstrated  how we could make our pamphlet on the computer so each page would come in the right order. We then redone this on the photocopied design and sewed up the end of it. Afterwards the book was put on the book guillotine in order to tidy it up!

_MG_8679 _MG_8680

_MG_8688 _MG_8691 _MG_8689 _MG_8690

After completing this we started to work on making book covers, this project will be continued next week when we have time to complete our books with Rose.


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