During January I took the opportunity to go and see some exhibitions in London. I saw a mixture of exhibitions I wanted to see on a personal level but also ones that I thought could be key in my practice.

Geffyre Museum 

The first exhibition I went to see was the houses displayed at the Geffrye Museum. The Geffyre Museum holds a collection of period style rooms dating as far back as the 1600’s. The museum is set inside the Almshouses which were constructed in the 1700’s and were grade one houses used to house poor pensioners.

This museum gave a huge overview of not only how the homes were structured but how they evolved and changed with the period. Each house was reflective of the outside world and in a lot of circumstances the outside highly influenced the style and materials used in the rooms. My favourite room was the drawing room of the 1890’s due to the vibrant colours put into effect by the aesthetic movement. People who adopted this style of room would have had a strong appreciate for the art and design of the era. I appreciated the wallpapers and the different patterns employed in the space. Even though the patterns clashed at some points they still worked in the room as a whole! It had an extremely luxurious feel about it.

I appreciated going to see this museum and the objects and information which was contained within it. It will help me greatly in working forward with my domestic space study. It also will help me to envision the set up of the room that I want to create.


Saachi Gallery 

On this trip I went to see the Saachi Gallery for the first time. The current exhibition is Champagne Life, an all female show in celebration of Saachi’s 30th birthday. All of these artist are emerging artists and the title Champagne Life is taken from the 2014 piece by Julia Wachtel. Two of the artists who exhibited really caught my eye. The first being Alice Anderson who  I have previously seen exhibited at the Wellcome Gallery. Her work this time was made in a similar way to her work shown at the Wellcome however she contextualises her work as discovering a “shifting relevance of the physical world in a society increasingly part of a digital one.”  She aims to ossify the vernacular features in our lives. The copper signifies a transfer of energy and information similar to that used in wiring. Connection and Communication are both key themes in this work. The other artist that caught my interest was Jelena Bulajic who create intimate painting of older people she sees in day to day life. Looks of empathy catch her eye as she walks around and the softness, contortions, winkles and sags of the human face. She plays with scale and size to enhance proximity and intimacy in order to elevate elderly beauty where there is little in popular culture and the media of today.

header_7 20131126105221_Bulajic_Jelena_Ljubica

Source: (http://www.saatchigallery.com/)

All the rooms in the gallery were inclosed so spotlights were necessary to light each room. The rooms were enormous and the artworks filled up the walls in every room really adding character to the space. Each room was well curated and the path was extremely clear to follow. The shops at the end was also full of resources and interesting books and art products. Overall I feel this gallery is extremely well put together and is only enhanced by its accessibility as a free gallery. I will definitely be returning!



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