Collaborative artist project Peles Empire is made up of two Romanian artists Katharina Stöver and Barbara Wolff. Their work takes from the same source each time, a lavish 19th century castle in Romania. It not only inspires the work but the name Peles Empire as well. The castle mixes contemporary and historical styles which is spread across a hundred rooms.

Peles Empire do several different genres of work mainly in the area of installation taking on board the themes of Reproduction, Reconstruction and Transformation.  In the majority of the pieces simple photocopied photomontages are employed in order to create a identical room setting within a room.  This means the rooms from the castle are reproduced within a gallery setting. Peles Empire actually own two galleries, one in London and one in Romania.

When the rooms are produced the the gallery they become more and more distorted and abstracted. Mirrors are also placed in some of the room in order to encourage spaces for dialogue.

At the Frieze Art Fair Peles Empire presented an installation of a bar that acts as Gesamtkunswerk. All aspects including the decoration, furnishings and service are part of the installation.

It has become clearer and clearer that since discovering Peles Empire, more and more creative energy is flowing into my ideas. I find their way of constructing an installation and a space very precise and ingenious in some ways. Using photocopies and pictures to create a bigger space instead of actually creating a bigger space is very competent as artists. Objects and designs also make there way into the pieces and this is what I am focussing on in my work.

pelesmainimage tumblr_nn96yxIzA31ry540ho1_1280 tumblr_n1kcz3pQgZ1ry540ho1_1280

tumblr_n1kcdvLKRI1ry540ho1_1280-1 tumblr_m5axxpONk11ry540ho1_1280








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