Shigeru Ban Architects created this concept in 2011 after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It involves the construction of a communal site of habitation made from shipping containers. The buildings would be three storeys high and can be built on uneven surfaces and further earthquakes.

dezeen_Multistorey-Temporary-Housing-by-Shigeru-Ban-Architects_01 dezeen_Multistorey-Temporary-Housing-by-Shigeru-Ban-Architects_02 dezeen_Multistorey-Temporary-Housing-by-Shigeru-Ban-Architects_04 dezeen_Multistorey-Temporary-Housing-by-Shigeru-Ban-Architects_08 dezeen_Multistorey-Temporary-Housing-by-Shigeru-Ban-Architects_13

The whole idea of creating temporary housing from shipping containers is very modern. It has sparked ideas for a permanent housing concept that I could expand within my practice. Below I have designed my concept for a shipping container house.


Although I feel this concept could be a strong one, I do not know how relevant it is into my current practice. However looking into a shipping container space could be of interest, I know there are some outside the university building and I would like to look in being able to use them for my FMP.



Multi-storey Temporary Housing
by Shigeru Ban Architects


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