From a young age Broom was always interested in design. As a member of the Royal Shakespeare company he would imagine the working sets that he performed on. After having an internship at Vivianne Westwood during his degree he was eager to start his own fashion label, however during his final years at University in order to support himself he started to advise bars and restaurants how they could enhance their interiors. His advice became so sought after that in 2002 he was asked to design club “Nylon” from concept to completion. He enrolled his friend and colleague Maki to assist him. The design became very well known and won several awards for its interior.

From this himself and Maki started up company Makilee, however in 2006 when Maki moved back to Japan, he changed it to Lee Broom. At this point Broom did not want to be restrictive in what he could create, it was for this reason he started to branch out looking at furniture and lighting and eventually launched his own range. His most well known piece from this range being “The Crystal Ball”.

Broom aims to enhance within his designs British Energy, he is fascinated with the traditions and modernity that come along with the British Culture.

Broom has won during his career British Designer of the year 2012 and the Queens Award for Enterprise.

I find Broom’s design modern and exciting. He create innovative design that are evolving with the era. He uses both old and new components. Not only are his designs effective but he portrays them within possible settings, for example Bright on Bistro is presented within a bistro. His presentation sells design as much as the design itself. I feel this is a versatile designer who I can draw a lot of inspiration from in the next coming weeks.

Bright-on-Bistro-Lancaster-HouseBright On Bistro


croppedimage727525-Hanging-Hoop-Chair-Brass-Lifestyle-01 Hanging Hoop Chair croppedimage300250-Lee-Broom-The-Flower-Shop London Design Festival 2015croppedimage300250-Milan-2013-news.jpg2New Crystal Ball 2015






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