This week I helped Arthur Trombetta curate and hang his first solo exhibition in The Artworks at Elephant and Castle. I have hung several shows in my time at UoB so I was happy to help out and offer any possible advice for how to make his work stand out. In this exhibition he was showing two collections. The first looking at the crossover between digital and organic showing a set of images featuring a Light God like presence transposed by a collection of bacteria style work that were photographs of photographs shown on a monitor. The opposite wall featured Behind The Patterns. A collection of work that looked at distorted map images and human life.

Some of the work was already mounted professionally but due to a last minute change we had the task of mounting the other work ready for display. This involved spray gluing the image and cutting foamex to the right size. The images had to look appropriate for display and this task involved care and precision. Each image was hung on the wall using command strips and measured equal distances apart and made straight using a spirit level.

I appreciated a lot having the opportunity to give my advice and help out on this project. It will set me in good stead for hanging the degree show when it comes around in June. It was hard work and working to a time frame was exhausting however during the private view it was clear all the images looked exceptionally well presented and neat on the walls.

Arthur’s work paid off and it was great to see an undergraduate have a solo show before leaving university. The work had been finished to a high standard and he had a lot of interest in people looking to purchase and re exhibit his work. Overall I feel this was the best outcome possible for such a small but impactful show.

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