Ryan Gander’s work has no limits and authoritarian guidelines. His practice is complex and unburdened and aims to investigate queries and what ifs. Gander is engaged with education and development especially that of children. He finds the honesty of children intriguing and it is crucial centre point within his work.  Children are not intimidated by being wrong and his children provide him with intellectual help and material.

Gander’s work I is and Tell My Mother Not To Worry are marble ephemeral huts build by his young daughter. Soild but impenetrable, these dens are a symbol of protection and a fleeting moment of his daughters creative development. Within the creations Gander saw cubist and angular forms and he employs characteristics of classical sculpture. They are cast using marble dust and resin instead of sculpting it by a block of marble.

Within the pieces we can make out objects that were used to build the dens. These could be chairs and tables or blocks of wood and the marble lays over them like a sheet. The sculptures enable to viewer to see a narrative that mirrors the construction of objects by his daughter. The way they are placed on top of each other shows how they have been composed in a way which embodies the creative development that he is so intrigued with.

Gander’s work has a strong and pertinent methodology which is resonant throughout all pieces. His relationship with his children and how they are developing creatively is of real interest to him. This creates fascinating narratives in his work. I appreciate the style of I is and Tell My Mother Not To Worry, the materials he has used to formulate each piece are of strong choice. These pieces could have been made in their original materials yet Gander selected to produce them in an indurate material in order to mirror the protection he wishes to bestow upon his daughter.










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