In Mondays session we started off on a research talk with Hannah about how to conduct our L6 research.

Research is your working methodology, it aims to show how you design, create and make. It is important to research in order to not overlook things, in order to analyse reflectively and to develop our personal methodology. There are different types of research, primary is our own work, our own visual experimentations and reflections, secondary is others work and our thoughts and feelings towards them not forgetting reviews and exhibitions. Our sketchbook is a place for primary research, our personal journey. Our reflective journal is more formal, it is reflection and our analysis.

Artist research is an essential point of research. Refer to artists by whom you are inspired, be aware of their intentions, ideologies and contexts and always explain why they have been useful. Address their materiality and why they chose what they chose, why is this effective and how has it been displayed.

Why we analyse in no matter what context it is important to follow the “what, so what, now what” process.

What – describe consequences, feelings, achievement. Observe.

So What- Construct a personal knowledge or theory

Now What – reflect on consequences and further action


I then had the chance to present the work that I had been doing over the last two weeks. I received feedback on both my Richard Woods’ style vase and my painted photograph. My peers brought to my attention the fact that in my painted photograph, movement was key and it was a piece that needed to be moved around to see the painted effect. Some wondered if painting over actual jewellery would be something I could work on. If I was adding value to things, Alex pointed out that Marxism would be something I could explore if I wanted to go down that pathway.

After discussing the book Against Nature, it was suggested that I could bring the imagery to life. For example the jewel encrusted turtle. This had a link to stain glass windows and Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is a subject that comes regularly into my work and although I have blogged and worked on it, maybe it is a chance to bring this into my pieces.

Nigel suggested to me two artists. The first one was shown at London Art Fair and created patterns from cuttlefish bone. The second was Haim Steinbach  who adds value in the presentation of his pieces and highlights a post modernism theme within his object.

I was very appreciative of the feedback and eager to see where it leads me to this week.




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