Israeli born artist Haim Steinbach creates art using objects. His pieces focus on a selection and then arrangement of objects, he makes all of the display and hanging devices to enhance the interaction and the reverberations of the objects. Steinbach shows a range of objects in his work, they come from all kinds of social and cultural contexts . Though his work Steinbach aims to highlight the meanings and identities of the objects whilst putting emphasis on the vernacular. He arranges each display in an analogous way making reference to poetic words and music scores. Steinbach’s work looks into the exploration of cultural, ritual, psychological and aesthetic throughout the objects and within their contexts. He is a pioneer of the definition of the prominence in objects and their role in art. His work has been shown worldwide.

7a95551efd79a981df0b1444f14d3029_0 Popular Mechanics, 2015

156259007904a7f659bed9b2674c9b5c_0-1The Bathers, 2011

Steinbach’s work offers a strong work methodology that is resonant within his pieces. The concept of taking object and arranging them in a certain way to highlight their characteristics comes across resolutely. Each object seems to contain its own narrative making it susceptible for interpretation how the viewer wishes. The concept that Steinbach offers up is of great interest to me and my practice, he takes on board the idea of personal possessions. The objects he shows to viewers have once been of value to someone, this could be key to understanding another level of possessions and the revival of what was once significant.









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