This week I also took the opportunity to create a piece from one of my personal possession photos. I decided to go back to my painting on photographs I had looked at in Year Two and work upon one of images.

To me, the necklace holds great importance, but to someone else this necklace will not have the same significance. By painting upon this back and white photograph I did not only generate a colour image but also gave it more significance though value. The notion of painting the photo gave it a more delicate and precious outcome. It established a piece that has been added to through the labour intensive motion of painting. The aim of the piece was not only to add value but to create an alternative outcome to just a photograph. To enhance my personal possession for the viewer.

I am undecided on whether this experiment is essential towards my final major project. Although the outcome for me has been a success, I wonder if it adds anything to what I am trying to convey. Do I need to go about looking at personal possessions in a different way and would this make my theme any stronger. I want to discover domestic objects within a setting so maybe photographing them within that setting adds to the overall feeling as well.

Before continuing this overall concept, I would like to hear feedback from my tutors and peers in order to understand if this is a path worth following.




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