The Industry Friday talk of this week was from Film and Television Producer, Emily Rudge. At the moment Emily works for Iconoclast, a production company that works with people such as Jason Bateman and James Gray. After finishing University in Bournemouth where she studied Production Management  she went through many jobs before ending up at Iconoclast. Emily has worked in historical documentaties. dramas such as Midsummer Murders and Poirot, feature films and also with the Arts Council.

In her talk she chose to talk to us about three different projects she has worked on.

The first project is a music video by Duologue called Memex. The music video featured an 85 year old women and the aim was to highlight the contours of her skin and show a narrative though 94 still cameras. a 16k, 360° 3D scan that was a 13 thousandth of a second time lapse. This video employed many components especially in post production and actually won an award for the best use of post production from DNAD. Even though the outcome was successful, the director had wished there was more of a narrative within the video.

The next video Dear Delicious was a video of a dancer in a strip club in East London. The voice over was a letter written by a customer to this lady. The film was by Bronwen Parker Rhodes who has an interest in working with people and the stories that people have to tell. She has the power to connect really well with her subjects and therefore gains a stronger access into their lives.

Described as gory, the next video Blue Roses was created by artist Marianna Simnett. Working both in London and Texas with a Varicose Vain clinic and a facility for creating robotic cockroaches ( which can go into disaster zones) Marianna created a video that looked at both these components. Blue Roses are what Marianna called Varicose Veins when she was younger. The video interacts with both real people in both facilities and also puts into play a musical component. The special effects employed are also very impressive especially the leg cast and the varicose veins which are in fact fake.

A selection of musical numbers from each of her videos were shown at The Serpentine Gallery’s Park Nights. This was conducted with real live singers on set.

Emily also took the opportunity to tell us the qualities we would have in order to become a producer. This included being organised, good communication skills and good with people, be able to stick to a budget and finance and be adaptable. There are five stages to creating a “production” she explains to us : Research and Development, Pre Production, Shoot, Post Production and Distribution.

I thoroughly enjoyed Emily’s talk. Although it is a field that I have never had a particular interest in, Emily made it sound exciting and employed a lot of skills I feel I possess. It is obvious that the projects she works on with artists she is very involved in and takes care and attention to create the best outcome possible.


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