Richard Wood is an artist I have discovered through one of my tutorials with Hannah. After seeing his work I thought to myself why had I not thought of that. His designs and application is such a simplistic idea however it works so proficiently.

Woods graduated from Slade School of Fine Art and although his speciality was in sculpture, he now likes to think of himself as more surface based. His work provides a new look to an existing form or structure and “absurd twist on the cult of home improvement and DIY aesthetics.” (http://www.alancristea.com/artist-Richard-Woods)

His work has been shown in the V&A, the Royal Academy and in the Venice Biennale. He has designed the interior of Comme des Garcons flagship strong, Cary Grant’s former Hollywood residence and even the cloistered courtyard which became the centrepiece of the Henry Moore Foundation’s exhibition at the Biennale’s 50th year.

Wood’s work appeals to me in many ways. Firstly the simplicity of the design adds class, it can be transported and created on different surfaces and employed in a range of different ways however it retains its aesthetic and alluring fascination. He appears to choose his colour palette accordingly however I have noticed in some of his work he only uses several colours that work well together. The way he uses the shape of the area he is working on creates a tidy and formal looking design but adds a quirkiness and fun aspect into the space.


image description

From looking at Richard Woods, I started to look at how I could create a piece that had the same style. I decided to use a vase, a piece that could be centred within the home. I started off by painting it yellow by applying layers of acrylic paint colour. This was a very labour intensive job, the colour was not easy to apply as it was so translucent the light kept seeping though. After getting to a stage I was happy with I then drew floral patterns upon the vase in black pen. The aim of the piece was foremost an experiment in order to see how an outcome could be created on a domestic object taking inspiration from the layers that Woods’ establishes within his work. I am still unsure of my opinion on the outcome. I do feel I should complete further experimentation inspired by Woods’ work as I find it simple yet extremely effective especially in a domestic setting. Furthering this I will consider the different outcomes that working on objects of the nature could produce.

_MG_8662 _MG_8663







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