Darkroom are a design label based in London who aim to stimulate an anecdote to the everyday and “bland”. They understand the human need for something to be aesthetic and comfortable. Geometry, African Tribal patterns and structural modernism and post modernism are highly featured throughout all of their design work.

I highly appreciate the design and work gone in to not only creating pieces of furniture and object surrounding their design motto but how aesthetically they choose to present their work. In some of their designs we can see how they would look in a room or on a wall.


This design taken from the candles section highlights strongly the idea of Bauhaus leading us back to modernism. The shapes on the floor and the wall reference each other creating a strong method of display for an object as simple as a candle. They have cleverly used other products within the shop to show off these candles, aiming for the customer to purchase all in order to create this curation in their own home.



I think the way in which Darkroom display their wallpapers how they would look in a room is extremely well thought out. It is true that when aiming to buy something it is difficult to visualise it however Darkroom have taken on this gap within visual curation and provided the buyer with an insight. The way the image has been curated aides the market appeal.

I love the products of Darkroom and the theme behind all the pieces. However I feel the curation of objects in a space and the imagery created is something that is more aesthetic to my eye. Especially moving forward to create my own “installation” in a degree show setting.

House of Hackney

House of Hackney opened in 2010 and is run by husband and wife Royle and Gormley. These two creators had a passion for interior design and British house prints whilst being inspired by the work of William Morris. Each of their carefully thought out patterns rings reference to the work of William Morris and creates bold and intriguing statements.

Again with the image provided by House of Hackney, I appreciate their curation of a space. They know how to present a design and curate their images in a way which is visually appealing even though in some cases I feel it should not be. They help the buyer into viewing what their design would look like within their interior or upon themselves if it is a fashion piece. House of Hackney photograph what they feel people want to see and what people may create within their home. For example the teapot with the small afternoon tea is very relatable for any British person and therefore creates an immediate connection with the viewer.

As design piece I feel the colours and imagery of the work is fantastic. The use of pattern in such an alternative way even verging on photomontage works extremely well. I especially love the use of animals and florals in the work and how the patterns are not always symmetric. I feel this element and the photomontage element of the work could be crucial for my upcoming ideas.









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