In my tutorial with Hannah, she started off by highlighting one of my main aims as preparing my presentation for next week. We discussed the research I had been undertaking in the past week looking at home as a domestic space and Japanese culture. She suggested I look into the housing crisis and the techniques of print and darkroom. Hannah also said to look at what does it mean to build an interior for ourselves, why is this of importance. Alongside this she felt it would be good to do some sprint exercises in order to keep being visual and creative.


I was also lucky enough to have a tutorial with Tim Ellis. I spoke to him about found objects and how he interpreted found objects into his artwork. He encouraged me to look at artists David Thorpe, Haim Steinbach, Mike Nelson and the book News from Nowhere by William Morris. Tim said to look at the fragments of everyday life, the bits that people leave behind and get forgotten. Think about who can inhabit a room! To finish off our chat he explained the technique for transferring images onto objects using transfer paper and spray varnish. He encouraged me to be a mixed media artist and never think I have to fall into one category.



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