Chester born Tim Ellis came to talk to us as part of the series of artist talks this year. He started off his talk by showing us his piece from his degree show exhibition called In the Beginning lies an end. This piece is made up of several alternative materials and has the effect as though it has been made by several different people.


At the degree show, his work was brought by Charles Saatchi. Although he knew the money could not keep him a float for ages, fortunately having his work noticed by Saatchi opened a lot of doors for him and a lot of exhibitions spanned from this. Tim has been lucky enough to exhibit all over the world, including in Switzerland, Italy and Hong Kong.

Tim works mainly in sculpture using not only found objects but constructed ones. He has recently taken another path painting on bedsheets


Some of his greatest endeavours involve a residency at Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery where he got to work and live in Scotland. The piece he created is called The Ambassadors, he uses whisky jars with his own prints on them and each have a different Scottish character on the top. From this he got the chance to curate his own travelling show called Forward Thinking.


I thought Tim’s talk was captivating and I loved how he works with found objects as well as creating his own. I would be excited to try out a lot of his techniques especially painting on bedcovers because it gives an watery, fluid effect with a layered print style. I am excited to have a chat with Tim later in the day about my own pieces.


Images :





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