Following what I have read about Japanese Symbols and Motifs, I have created several watercolour designs that reflected the floral and nature. I have not used watercolour in a long time and usually I would use arabic gum in order to create solid lines however I had a moment of creativity and thought I would try free hand.


_MG_8656 _MG_8658

Over the top of my final watercolour design I took inspiration from artist Hina Aoyama, who has made some Japanese inspired designs for Liberty. Aoyama uses her Japanese Heritage to create her designs. She uses the Lotus flower to highlight moving on to the future  whilst not forgetting the memories of the past. She usually does paper cutting and illustration but for the design below she has worked with Liberty who have had a passion for Japanese design since the 19th century.

liberty3 ss14libe1041008d-1

Thinking about the layering of line. I aimed to create a similar effect upon one of my watercolour designs.


From two of these designs I have constructed patterns using the whole form or selected bits of the form. Although I do not feel the Japanese style highlight in any of them in particular, I am pleased to have gained a stronger knowledge into layering and creating patterns from a watercolour design and retaining that feel.

Floral Floralsmaller flysmallest

The piece of work below spans from some of my earlier work. I decided to sew upon the floral motif I had created in order to highlight delicacy and simplicity which I feel are two special ideals in terms of Japanese design. I do think this experiment was successful however it was extremely time consuming. If I wanted to repeat this technique another time I would have to take that into consideration.



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