This is my present and promote presentation that is worth 30% of the unit grade. I aimed to construct the powerpoint differently to show images without wasting time ploughing through them. I showed one image for each section of what I wanted to discuss and the image was lowered in opacity in order that the viewer could see the writing on top of it. I was very pleased with the visual outcome of my presentation and how came across to an audience.

Presentation Alice Eaton 11:01:16

Unfortunately during my presentation some of my words bled off the screen. I did not foresee this happening rather I was more concerned that by changing the platform I was working on, the opacity would return to 100%. However that all went accordingly to plan. Although I was upset the words had bled, I tried to not let it affect my performance.

Alongside my presentation, I distributed a handout. This contained an overview of my artist statement and CV which can be found on my website and also a small outline of my key ideas for my final major project.

Handout to print

I was pleased with how my presentation went in the end. I felt I slowed down my speaking and tried to get my points across in a comprehensive manner. Even though a slight disruption put me off a little, I aimed to not let it affect me and try and continue on my point.


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