In my tutorial, Hannah encouraged me to look at personal and private possessions and how humans interact differently with them. She talked about the idea of mantelpieces as either a place for putting trinkets and bits and bobs on or for personal photographs and important memorabilia. Following this idea and though I decided to take photos of my “mantelpieces”. As I do not have a mantelpiece in my home I took a picture of my desk, shelves and chest of drawers.

Photomantlpiece _MG_8646 _MG_8647

On these areas in my room, I generally tend to stuff bits and pieces that I own but also thinks that mean a lot to me. My shelves usually get the most important items as they are out of the way I feel this is the most pertinent photo I have taken as it looks scatty and a mess at the same time as being really organised. I feel alongside this that the cadre of the image is done well. I chose to take the photos in black and white as I feel this highlights the objects more than the colours which could risk being distracting.

From here I took three of my personal possessions and photographed them.




I would from here like to gather different peoples personal possessions and photograph them properly in the studio. My personal possessions are important to me but they will not be as important someone else. I would like to study this in more detail but also look at how one object can be of equal significant to two or more people.


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