On the 15th of January, Emma Davison the owner and managing director of Denza came to talk to us. Emma took over the company from Vanessa Denza when she retired, the company itself is a recruitment consultant for the Fashion Industry.

Emma aimed to talk about how to get into the industry whilst looking at the CV and the interview process. Starting off by talking about the CV she explained to us that writing a small statement at the top is not crucial and if its not short, personally Emma would not read it. She encouraged us to keep the CV as related to the job we would be going for as possible, this also included our personal interests which she felt should be relevant.

Emma then discussed how we would present our CV to a company. She suggested sending it by email on a professional email address using the subject line to our advantage by writing some renowned previous employers. Emma said the email should take no longer than 30 seconds to read as not to lose the attention of the employer and attachments should not be larger the 8mb.

She then briefly talked about how we could succeed in an interview. She discussed this in both finding our own interviews and also though Denza. In both cases, Emma encourages us to dress appropriately, practice and make sure we are well informed of the company where we are applying. Alongside this we should bring our portfolio with relevant examples of work, that we are proud of. Aim to make it not too long but show a range too. This should be presented neatly in a book or box and not on an iPad or digitally.

Although a hard hitting talk, Emma knew a lot about presentation and what she looks for when putting forward clients for the industry. I found her information about portfolios invaluable and how she looks at a CV. I am now a lot more confident in writing my CV and knowing exactly what to put in alliance with what someone would pay attention to. She was full of great tips and tricks and her talk was engaging and thought provoking.

Image: http://denza.co.uk/


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