After thinking about the overall subject I decided to source material that would aide me in discovering more about Chaimowicz and his overall practice. I had the book The New Decor which was written by a collection of authors for the Haward Gallery Exhibition entitled the same. This is where I discovered Chaimowicz and his work. Although it did not give me a lot of information, it provided me with a starting point from which I could start to formulate an introduction.


From here I decided to search for books and articles around my subject area. I took a few days to find what I was looking for and I gathered a series of mainly articles surrounding Chaimowicz and his work. Having a read through these articles I started to construct a list of his art work alongside themes that I pulled out from the articles. (These articles will be explained further on in depth depending on their content.)

WP_20160112_001 WP_20160112_003 WP_20160112_002WP_20160112_022

This lead me on to constructing a rough plan of how I felt I could build my essay most effectively.


My first plan was to create three sections each one focussing on a different theme. These would be Memory, Identity and Commodity Fetishism and Luxury. The second plan was to focus on individual art pieces and expand my themes from them. After having a chat with Hannah, we discussed that after I started to write the essay itself, the right way of constructing my essay would come to me.



(Bell K, Foster H, Kuo M, Lange C, Sherwin S, Botfield A, Lauson C, Luckett H, Parry R, Rugoff R (2010) The New Décor : Hayward Publishing, London)



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